This website can help us expand this beautiful connection.

“It’s true, we are all magically bound to each other and to the universe. And our connectedness can happen in so many ways, through music, or shared ideas or the enjoyment of things, large and small. This website can help us expand this beautiful connection.”

Ruth Dwyer, Artist

Pat is truly extraordinary.

Pat is truly extraordinary. She has a way of getting to the profound heart of the matter (any matter) with an ocean of compassion, but also with simple, practical wisdom. One leaves her company feeling soothed and clear.

Jack Blum,

I have seen her not only help transform my life for the better, but many many more!

Patricia and I have been dear friends for 5 years now and I have seen her not only help transform my life for the better, but many many more! Patricia is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the privilege to know and it’s incredible to see her give so selflessly everyday! She’s the type of person that never asked for help, she always asks “How can I help”? That’s just the kind of person she is. I feel it has been long overdue for Patricia to get some well deserved recognition on all the hard work she does for our community and communities around the world. I admire Patricia’s spirit, her heart and her willingness to always do more for others. She understands the essence of what TRUE fulfillment is – Her efforts to better the lives of people around her, to love each person she meets and to never judge is amazing to witness! I care deeply about Patricia and I realize how important it is to have people like Patricia in our community. I wish she could be cloned! :) … In closing… I feel there is no better roll model for peace then Patricia Gagic – I know she will continue to bring peace wherever she goes and if recognize with this award I know she will inspire many more!

Thank You!

Brian Melo (Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Canadian Idol Winner 2007)

Brilliant Patricia!!!

Brilliant Patricia!!!  I love how your message/teaching is flowing so effortlessly because that is so you and your conviction.  You want people around the world to discover the power within themselves to free them from the grip of ill informed culture and environment.  Your book will no doubt help change many lives by helping alter many old mindsets and bring inevitable harmony within family, community and world.

With all my best wishes to you Patricia—The World Citizen!

Nima McElhinney, Director, SuDiki Care Inc.,

Fulfilling her calling for us.

Patricia Gagic is an amazing individual. She knows and understands her role in assisting others during their transition to reconnect to their natural powerful selves.  When we recognize our emptiness and desire to be REWIRED, Patricia Gagic is the teacher fulfilling her calling for us.

Furman Meggett, Author, Speaker, Spoken Word Artist, Los Angeles, California,

Fundamental shift in how we think….

Congratulations on your launch of “Inspired to be Rewired”. It is a fundamental shift in how we think and evolve forward positively during our precious time here on Earth. The focus on creativity can be applied in our personal and professional life. I look forward to your tele-seminar and book launch in January.  Let’s see how we can incorporate this and have you come out to speak at Sheridan College.

Dianna Dinevski, MBA, Research Executive Assistant, Applied Research & Innovation, Sheridan College, Oakville, ON L6H 2L1

A brilliant creative mind that has with a passion to help others.

Patricia Gagic is a brilliant creative mind that has with a passion to help others.  During the years I have known her, I have witnessed her strength of community goodwill as well as her desire to help out in third world countries.  She has a passion for children in order to help make their futures better as well as a compassion for adults who need a second chance.  Patricia is a pure soul who always opens herself up to give strength and encouragement where it is needed most.  She has a desire to share stories so that others are inspired to help strangers have a better life.  She gives her time and spirit for no other reason than to make you feel inspired.  She is an honest person who is always willing to give the best advice and is always there to help guide you through challenging times.  I feel honoured to know her and call her my friend.

Alipa Patel, Manager of Marketing & Communications,HECFI, Hamilton Entertainment and Convention Facilities Inc.

Listen to her. Learn!

We see an awakened soul sharing her compassion for service with deep-seated clarity, and heartfelt determination.

Patricia Karen Gagic is a wayshower.  Listen to her.  Learn!  And be amazed.

– Kathy Doore, author of “Markawasi Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest”, an invaluable guide to a cultural treasure.

fyi (Wayshower: A prophet or enlightened one who by virtue of evolutionary progress can lead humanity through spiritual development.)

I am “inspired to be rewired”, so sign me up!

There is an incredible energy and aura about Patricia. It is clear that she has an innate ability to tap into the wisdom of the universe that allows her to inspire all of those that she comes into contact with. Every opportunity to be in Patricia’s company is a true blessing, as I always leave mentally and spiritually rejuvenated and reinvigorated. I am “inspired to be rewired”, so sign me up!

PJ Mercanti, President, Carmen’s Inc.,

… brilliance to make it happen …

Few people hold the belief that they can change the world. Even fewer hold the brilliance to make it happen. I believe Patricia Karen Gagic is one of those few. Patricia is indeed the most selfless person I have ever encountered on this earth. Patricia represents loving compassion for humanity and a deep desire to inspire greater consciousness on this earth. She profoundly cares about the future of mankind and she is willing to do whatever it takes for the world to exist in peace. To be in her company is to feel inspired and loved. Patricia is the shining light on the path to a new era for mankind. I feel honored and blessed to know this amazing, beautiful and caring soul.

Trish Ellis, Speaker, Life Coach, Author,