Degree One: RISK

Imagine a world without risk. Would you follow the unexpected path leading to the unknown? Habitually, we stay safe but in unpredictable moments when we risk it all, the hand of fate, destiny or karma arrives. Risk is an illusion we create for ourselves. When our motivations are out of the ordinary our lives become more meaningful and beneficial for others. In truth, there is no risk. When we practice external relaxation and internally do the work paying extra-ordinary attention to our attitude we generate deep compassion and experience a powerful purification.

Inspired to be Rewired triggers a creative impulse and inspiration; guiding your inner wisdom to manage with patience the Radical Risk inside you. The work to be accomplished by all human beings is to be found in the happiness of this life. Seek to train the mind with contemplations and meditations resulting in making wiser and better choices. Learn to value the risk involved with a measurement that is shaped by you alone. As you begin living a happier more phenomenal existence, everyone profits, not just yourself.

Degree Two: ROOT

Imagine a world without suffering. Do you wake up every morning believing that you have a fortunate life? Learn how to create integrity as protection and sidestep negative energies, confrontations and less than favorable circumstances. Rely on your intuition and cultivate a new flexibility in your RADICAL ROOT mind. When the mind suffers it finds gratification in creating shields. Dig deep and hold the essence of your being, finding the rare and beautiful within. There are many forms of abuse and sometimes we believe that circumstances will never change and our hope for peace of mind never realized, this is not true.

Inspired to be Rewired is a tenacious attempt to share real life experiences with empathy in the hope that at the base of your suffering there is a desire to empower yourself to change. Whether in business, partnerships or facing disease you can remove obstacles and eliminate the root of your suffering. Work through your RADICAL ROOT issues by following the five steps which include identifying, measuring, renaming, projecting and creating. There is an artist inside of everyone. Walk through the door of change.

Degree Three: REMEDY

Imagine a world that is finally at Peace and you are the harbinger of that moment. We actually have all the knowledge and rights of freedom to make this a reality. Is it not true that we do better in business when we do better by and for each other? Take inventory of your life based on the RADICAL REMEDY guidelines. Execute a commitment to action and become a steward of your integrity. The steps to healing are expedient and the courage and stamina that you will require are tools simply waiting for you to open. We are procrastinators. When we realize that facing issues with common sense and mindfulness will not only ease our own suffering but actually embrace the suffering of those we are in relationship with the healings begin.

The RADICAL REMEDY becomes a by-pass to happiness and healing. The value added is exponential. The inclination to be critical of ourselves dissolves. We erase the old pathway and create better outcomes. Inspired to be Rewired outlines the diversions and remedies that will nurture and strengthen the restoration of your attitude resulting in a better quality of life.


Imagine that your life had transcended all your fears, problems and chaos. What if you actually woke up one day and believed in seeing the sanctity and beauty of life regardless of race, colour, creed or sex? What if you had transcended to become a prominent world citizen with a vision for the future that touched every nerve in every human audience? The RADICAL REALIZATION is that you are already achieving and creating your future by actively acknowledging that you want to be part of the Mystery of life. You hold the integrity and sheer fun of participating when you give yourself permission to raise your awareness, jump outside of your “usual” and penetrate a little deeper into the Attitude that you have manifested. With great self-confidence through awareness and mindfulness you will shift your life, business and outcomes. All that you yearn for is attainable. We are all searching for meaning. There is a significant need in the workplace to unravel crisis after crisis as we cope with a pace of change that is at warp speed. RADICAL REALIZATION is achievable when you enter into the Mastering of the Five Degrees. Seek equanimity and operate with a mind free of delusions.

Degree Five: REALITY


Overcoming stage fright on your death bed


Listen and understand with your heart open. There will always be challenges. We co-exist to experience our awareness through consciousness. When you develop a strong will to shift the focus from the vicissitudes of your own life to the well-being of others that is when the transformation happens. We begin living with true happiness, true compassion and true reverence for life. Create your own RADICAL REALITY thinking with the understanding that this is the time to see things as they really are. Do not run the RADICAL RISK of losing this rare opportunity to practice as a good world citizen. Your actions count now. Invite yourself to the table of eternity and prepare your mind for its feast. Live with integrity as your protector and an attitude that is re-humanized.

If just one person opens their radiant mind to receive what is attainable, pliable and workable then we together are creating a World of Peace.